Product Manufacturers

Product Manufacturers

We have a strong and growing network of manufacturing affiliates that offer a range of innovative products made with CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloys.

Our developing portfolio of products made with bactericidal copper is creating a range of vast choices across industries interested in continuously cleaning surfaces. Our affiliates are striving for a victory over bacteria. We are helping them leverage their brands and gain enhanced recognition for fostering a product portfolio of bactericidal items.

The benefits of becoming a CuVerro® affiliate include:

  • Affiliation within the only class of EPA-registered solid material that works to kill bacteria1 continuously between regular cleanings.
  • Regulatory compliance support.
  • Availability in a full range of forms from ingot to foil and fabricated parts.
  • Product development and technical support from Olin Brass engineers and metallurgists.
  • Customer support including brand sharing, marketing collateral, trade show participation and more.
  • Full supplier support from Olin Brass.

Ours is a collaborative affiliate network to deliver core targets access to a broad range of products with bactericidal properties. We look forward to furthering first-to-market competitive advantages with CuVerro bactericidal product opportunities.

Interested in learning more about becoming an affiliate? Join the movement to continuously kill bacteria!